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About Me

I’m Gabriella, an English-Mauritian blogger living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m the founder of Postcards from Hawaii, a travel and lifestyle blog for everyone who wants to do more on & for the planet.

I launched Postcards from Hawaii in 2018 after dreaming about it for years – I have been fortunate enough to travel my entire life, a privilege that I don’t intend to take for granted. I had been jotting down travel tips for the longest time and when I made the decision to finally create my blog, it was with the intention to create a space to help travellers become more organised and environmentally conscious.

The name Postcards from Hawaii is intended to conjure up vivid thoughts of green flashes at sunset, palm leaves tickling each other, dried sea salt on your skin and the thrill of experiencing all of nature’s wonders. It’s a nod to my earliest memories of travel when the only way to tell friends you were in far away lands was by a postcard sent in the mail and PFH also pays homage to my fiancé who has penned me love letters on postcards since we were teenagers.

Over the years Postcards from Hawaii has became a space where you can get packing, destination and Instagram guides and sustainable living advice as well as recipes, craft tutorials, and well-being advice for both on and in-between your travels – with so much more still! Be sure to explore the full menu to see everything that PFH has to offer you.

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Our Adventures

You’ll often read about my fiancé Michael here. He’s been my travel partner since 2010 and is usually the one behind the camera when I’m in front of it. As well as creating content with me on our travels around the world he also runs his own animation studio, Beginners. 

Sustainable living & travel

As travellers who wish to explore the wonders of Earth, it is our responsibility to  reduce the impact we have on the environment both on our travels and at home.

It’s important that we all do our part to protect our planet so that future generations can experience those same wonders too.

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