How to Get The Snow Bunny Look for Your Ski Trip

January 25, 2024

The classic snow bunny look is a timeless winter style. It might have changed names over the years; Ski Bunny, Old Money, Mob Wife Aesthetic and trends might have dominated certain eras but the eternal allure of ski chic remains the same. I’m sharing all the hottest accessories in fashion for the coldest season so you know exactly how to look stylish in the mountains this winter.

Remember, how you dress does not determine how well you ski or snowboard. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking stylish in the mountains.

Here’s how to get the snow bunny look for your ski trip.

Moon Boots


Moon Boots are the OG snow bunny snow boot. For decades these have been the most iconic footwear worn in the mountains. Inspired by the footwear of the astronauts who landed on the moon in 1969, Moon Boots are not just the pinnacle of snow footwear fashion but they’re also totally functional. They’ll keep your feet warm and dry and make navigating snowy terrain much easier.

If you want to know how to get the snow bunny look for your ski trip then this is the first place to start. You need footwear that will keep out the cold as well as looking good and it really doesn’t get more iconic than Moon Boot. 

I encourage you to avoid buying these brand new because there are so many second-hand pairs available on Depop, Poshmark, Vinted and other second-hand resale websites. I bought mine on Depop and they were literally worn once by the person who bought them for how they looked on a winter trip. You’ll be surprised by how many people do the same thing. This is a testament to how popular and iconic Moon Boots are but it’s also so wasteful to buy new ones for this reason. 


Buying them second-hand is not only less wasteful but it can also save you a pretty penny on these otherwise pricey boots. My Icon Nylon Moon Boots in Black that retail for £170 ($295 CAD, $240 USD) were £80 on Depop. 

Wear them under a flared ski pant/salopette or over thermal leggings.

The Low style is having a total moment right now too. 

If you need a budget version, Ardene has a pair of Low style Snow Boots with 3M Thinsulate insulation.


The jersey stretch headbands of the 90s (think Cher Horowitz in Clueless, 1995) have been back for a couple of seasons and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

The only other accessory that’s rivalling them for warmth and style are the fur headbands. Fur headbands have been seen on just about every It Girl in the mountains this ski season. 


If your hair is short try a Russian-style faux fur hat. Keep an eye out in thrift stores for them before buying new, that’s where I got one of mine.

Style with a pair of black sunnies, statement stud earrings and a faux fur coat for the ultimate It Girl, snow bunny glam for mountainside moments. This is exactly how to get the Mob Wife winter right for the mountains too.

I also predict that bonnets are about to overtake balaclavas for a vintage ski throwback.

Matching thermals


You can never go wrong with a pair of matching black thermals. 

Wear them out with a pair of Moon Boots and a big faux fur coat or under your clothing on super cold days/nights or simply to lounge around the chalet with some scrunched up socks or leg warmers.

This Falke thermal top and leggings set from Winternational is the warmest thermal I’ve ever worn. I have worn them as a base layer on days where the windchill is -20°C and I never felt the cold through them but my face was dying so I knew they were working. They’re also incredibly flattering as they enhance and sculpt your curves.


A long-sleeve, thermal bodysuit is also a classic for getting the snow bunny look. Wear them out and about or under clothes too.

The Simple Knitted Beanie Hat

The simple knitted beanie hat is a classic. It’s easy to carry in a bag or pocket when you don’t need it, it’s casual but can be dressed up with a fur coat and chic sunglasses and it keeps your head warm.

The Goldbergh Valerie knitted beanie has been dominating my Instagram Search & Explore page. Find yours in black or pink from Winternational.

New customers gets 10% off their first Winternational purchase.

Alternatively you can learn to crochet your own with my super easy to follow tutorial for how to crochet a chunky beanie hat. Check out the free pattern here or the YouTube tutorial below.

Furry Mittens & Black Leather Gloves


Here’s the thing about mittens, because your fingers stay closer together they actually keep your hands warmer than gloves which is why they’re favoured on the slopes with skiers and snowboarders. 

I was flipping through my 80-year-old Life Magazine that features a cover article about “Ski Fashions” of the era and I wasn’t surprised to see a pair of fur ski mittens. That’s the most wonderful thing about ski fashion, even though styles have their moments through the decades, there’s a core ski style that remains steady.

These Goldbergh fur ski mittens from Winternational are a total vibe.

DSC04712 3

If it’s not a mitten, all the winter girlies are wearing black leather gloves. Both my short and long pair are from Dune London. 


Always wear sunscreen/sun lotion/sunblock. Always.

Faux Fur Coat


TikTok called it. Black puffer coats are out and the Mob Wife aesthetic is in. Vintage/faux furs, big hair and animal print are dominating winter fashion looks right now.

The fur look has always and will always be a classic. I’ve had faux fur coats as a staple in my wardrobe for over two decades. I literally still wear the same fur coat I’ve had since I was 10 years old (she’s in her 30s now y’all) Dressed up or down, they are never not stylish. 


Faux furs of all textures are the hottest accessory of ski season and are seen on all the winter girlies. Soft, shaggy, teddy or shearling all work, it can be short, mid-length or long and fasten with buttons, toggles, belt ties or poppers  – anything goes. Browns are classic, black goes with anything, colours are fun and full of personality. The fur can be a collar or cuff detail if the whole coat is too much for you.

If you want to know how to get the snow bunny look for your ski trip and you only want to get two items then a pair of Moon Boots and a faux fur is all you need to look stylish and like you belong in the mountains.


Ski Suit


If you’re going skiing on your mountain getaway then the ultimate It Girl, totally chic ski girl outfit for hitting the slopes is a ski suit. 

There are so many available for different budgets and looks. 

The Goldbergh Parry ski suit from Winternational is instantly recognisable on the mountains and comes in all colours and patterns. Along with Barbie pink, chocolate brown is a super desirable colour.

My first ever ski suits that I bought came from My Sunday Ski. I came across them in an article about how to get Lady GaGa’s vintage Gucci ski look from House of Gucci but on a budget. 


My Chilly J ski suit with leather fringing is complimented every. single. time. I wear it. It’s also way warmer than any of my other ski suits. They have a rental service which is perfect if you aren’t likely to ski often but want to slay on the slopes.


La Mark Sport ski suits in red and black are perfect if you want something super fitted that will enhance all your curves.

Use code “GABRIELLA20” for a 20% discount.


Vintage ski suits from Depop, Etsy, Vinted, Poshmark and so on are such an amazing throwback on the slopes. They don’t have to be super bold and colourful like you’re going to an 80s ski party, you could channel your inner Princess Diana instead.


Leg Warmers


Leg warmers are huge players in the coquette aesthetic trend but they’re not just super cute they’re also great at keeping your legs warm in winter.

Style them either tucked into boots or pulled over the top of them.

If you’re a creative creature then why not crochet or knit your own pair. It’s super simple! To crochet my chunky pair I just chained the length I wanted them on my leg and did rows single crochet in the back loop only to create ribbing and I did this until they fit around my leg.


Statement Stud Earrings


The only piece of jewellery that pulls together the ultimate It Girl, snow bunny, winter girly look is the bold statement stud earring. Gold or Silver, it doesn’t matter.

I encourage you to look at thrift stores and flea markets. That’s where I’ve found some of my favourite statement earrings. Second hand gold, chunky stud earrings are the ultimate mob wife aesthetic accessory.

Worn with a faux fur headband or hat, this simple accessory is the only jewellery you need to pack for your winter trip to the mountains.

Chic Sunglasses


In either black or tortoiseshell, a pair of simple but elegant sunglasses will instantly pull together your ski bunny outfit whilst protecting your eyes from the glare of the snow. 

A pair with wide temples (sides) worn with a headband or fur hat and hair up or down level up every winter outfit.

Feeling delicate after a wild time at après-ski? Those chic sunglasses will hide all your secrets.



If you’re going skiing, always wear a helmet. Concussions aren’t cute. Nothing is more stylish than a smart girl who protects her most attractive feature, which is her brain. Please and thank you.


If you enjoyed this guide for how to get the snow bunny look for your ski trip I’d love it if you shared that in the comments below.

Do more on & for the planet, Gabriella 

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