5 coffee recipes from around the world

May 13, 2020

So, coffees in our regular cafés aren’t an option right now and boy does that suck, but why not take it as an opportunity to get a little experimental at home and try out something new?

Let’s take a quick trip around the world from the comfort of our own homes, well actually around Europe with a short stop in India, good job we’re not flying all that way just for a coffee, right? Although I’m certain at this point you would 100% hop on a plane to India even just for a coffee, until travel is an option again, let’s be safe and stick to trying these coffees.


I can’t actually drink caffeinated coffee as I have a rather unfortunate sensitivity to caffeine, so I had my brother, who’s a chef, and my partner, who’s a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur (yeah, I laughed too), come up with these coffees for you. Of course, you can make all of these with decaffeinated coffee should you wish, just as any seasoned coffee-drinker will tell you, it won’t be quite the same.

1. Indian Cappuccino (Dalgona)

The skilful one with a sweet reward.

PostcardsfromHawaii5coffeerecipesfromaroundtheworld 1

Also known as a beaten coffee, Desi coffee or that whipped coffee that has featured on every it-girl’s Insta feed since the COVID-19 pandemic!




2tbsp of instant coffee granules

2tbsp sugar 

1tsp boiling water

Glass of milk


  1. Heat your glass of milk either in the microwave or on the stove.

  2. Whip together the coffee granules, sugar and water until the consistency resembles peanut butter.

  3. Spoon half of the coffee mixture into the hot milk and stir.

  4. Spoon the rest on top and serve.

2. Kaisermelange

The wildcard, like no coffee you’ve ever had before.





X1 egg yolk

X1 shot of espresso 


  1. Make the espresso.

  2. Separate the egg yolk from the white.

  3. Add the egg yolk to the espresso

  4. Stir and serve.

3. Irish coffee

The boozy one.





Black filter/drip coffee

Shot of whiskey

1tsp brown sugar

Fresh double cream

The ratio really depends on the size of glass you’re using. You want the coffee and whiskey mixture to be 3/4 of the glass and the cream top to be 1/4 of the glass.


  1. Stir the coffee, whiskey and sugar together until the sugar has dissolved.

  2. Gently pour the cream onto a spoon over the coffee (this is to make the cream float on top rather than mix in) and serve.

4. Café Bombón

The don’t-have-dessert-with-this-coffee-because-this-coffee-is-your-dessert one.

PostcardsfromHawaii5coffeerecipesfromaroundtheworld 2




X1 shot of espresso

2tsp condensed milk


  1. Add the condensed milk to the bottom of the glass.

  2. Make the espresso.

  3. Pour the espresso on top of the condensed milk.

  4. Stir before drinking.

5. Affogato

The ice cream float for sleepy adults.

PostcardsfromHawaii5coffeerecipesfromaroundtheworld 3




X1 shot of espresso

X1 round scoop of vanilla ice cream


  1. Make the expresso and add it to a larger heat proof drinking glass.

  2. Add the single round scoop of ice cream into the coffee.

  3. Stir before drinking.


Aloha, Gabriella

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