PFH 5 favourites: September

September 22, 2021

PFH 5 favourites: September

This month on PFH I’m honouring spooky season by sharing my 5 favourites with a mystical and spiritual theme. I’m sharing a couple of my favourite books for manifesting and communicating with loved ones on the Other Side, an app to help you read your birth chart, my favourite spiritual podcast and how to get a karmic past life reading.

My spirituality is still a pretty hazy topic, I lean towards a higher power, that everything happens for a reason and that our loved ones aren’t lost forever but I am yet to develop a firm standing in my beliefs. This is why I love dabbling in different topics to see what speaks to me, figuratively and literally! These are my favourites so far and maybe sharing them will help you find a little more clarity with your beliefs whatever they may be and hey, if this isn’t for you then there’s plenty more content on PFH to keep you entertained! Stay a while, see what takes your fancy. For those who are interested in seeing what my mystical 5 favourites for September 2021 are, read on.

1. Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is an author and motivational speaker in the field of spirituality.

Bernstein’s Super Attractor is a step-by-step guide to help you work through manifesting “a life beyond your wildest dreams” but mostly it’s a reminder to be grateful for what you already have and how that gratitude is what will open you up to a life of abundance. 

Super Attractor was a birthday gift from Michael this year. In February 2021 London was in the middle of a 5-month-long and very strict lockdown in winter. It was coming up close to a year since we had to postpone our move to Canada, my patience for rescheduling that move was wearing thin, I was struggling with all sorts of inner demons and work was drying up as the brands I worked with struggled to survive the lockdown. I wasn’t alone with these struggles but I felt like I was. 

With my birthday coming up I started to put together a list of gifts that would help to pick me up and comfort me. The list included shell shaped candles, LUSH bubble bars and face masks, a box of self love affirmation cards and Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. Each item was picked to step up my self care routine and shift my negative mindset towards living in abundance. 

“When you are guided to a book like this, it’s because you have a strong desire to feel better. That desire is enough for you to experience a miraculous shift. You can decide today to recalibrate your energy and commit to love and joy.” – Super Attractor.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and I really can’t remember exactly how I came across/who recommended Super Attractor. What I am sure of though is whatever the reason was, the universe definitely brought it to my attention at the right time. Sure, I asked for it, but I asked for it at a time where there were little to no distractions for the next few months, in which time I could truly absorb and act upon the words Bernstein wrote.

Though I didn’t actually recognise it much at the time, I was still in somewhat of a low vibrational mindset where I had little patience and expected the book to work immediately. Upon reflection I see that Super Attractor was exactly what I needed during this period of my life to shift my mindset and my life has been getting better and better. 

A few examples were releasing my desperation to move to Canada and instead being focused on enjoying spring/summer in London. I put it out into the universe that I wanted to receive news that we can move as the seasons changed – about a year after moving back to London – and that is exactly what has happened. I also put out into the universe that I wanted to make my mark as a travel blogger in London, releasing my longing for international travel and since then my 14 most Instagrammable cafés and restaurants in London ranks in the top 5 results on Google and most of the restaurants in it invited me to dine with them!

Since receiving the news that we can move to Canada my anxiety has returned as I swing from one emotion to another and I’ve found myself reaching for Bernstein’s Super Attractor and I’m not even kidding, the second I read a little bit of it I instantly felt better and things started to look up for me again. I really recommend turning to this book if you are feeling low and lost. With that said I also recommend seeking medical and psychiatric help too with matters of mental health.

Drop a comment on this blog post below if you’ve read Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein.

Though my first recommendation is to shop small and support your local bookstore, if you do shop from Amazon I’ve popped in an affiliate link to Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein below. Money earned by PFH via Amazon affiliate links will be donated to a charitable community organisation.

2. Andi Eaton’s podcast Your Woo Woo Best Friend

I met Andi on a Pangea Dreams retreat in Bali at the end of 2018 and she has since become one of the most influential people in my life.

Andi is the kind of person that always makes you feel heard and no matter how much she has going on she always has time for you whilst still, and most importantly, taking care of herself. She is a spiritual goddess, a mothering soul, a dreamer, creative and an entrepreneur.

As well as running one of the most successful spiritual blogs on the internet, Oui We, she is also a published author, runs multiple workshops to help others succeed with their businesses, hosts retreats – one of which I went to in 2019 in New Orleans and thoroughly enjoyed – and her recent masterpiece is her podcast, Your Woo Woo Best Friend which debuted at number 12 on the iTunes religion and spirituality podcast category.

“A no b.s. approach to spirituality, to support you in living a high vibrational, empowered and transformational life” – Your Woo Woo Best Friend.

@yourwoowoobff is an audio extension of her incredible blog Oui We. It’s a space where Andi talks all this woo at both an experienced and beginners level. Much like her blog, Your Woo Woo Best Friend makes embracing spirituality accessible wherever you are on your journey to opening yourself up to a high level of living. Episodes are both solo where Andi will share her personal journey through life including ageless beauty and manifesting the juiciest of dreams, and there are also interviews with all manner of guests with expertise in astrology, meditation, yoga and more.

Your Woo Woo Best Friend touches upon the every day from health to business from a spiritual perspective and every episode hosts a wealth of actionable advice no matter how woo woo you believe yourself to be. Am I ready to explore “Kundalini yoga to move through life in a much more elevated state”? No. Am I loving my new ritual of cold showers in the morning to “invite fresh blood to the surface of the body to reenergise the skin”? You bet! Listen to Ageless Beauty: That J. Lo Birthday Pic, To Drink or Not to Drink? and Kundalini Practices To Increase Your Glow to know what I’m referring to.

Listen to Your Woo Woo Best Friend on iTunes or find it on Spotify using the link below, new episodes are uploaded every Thursday.

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