PFH Rio de Janeiro mix tape playlist

October 2, 2019

PFH Rio de Janeiro mix tape playlist

As you may know by now I always make a playlist for each destination I’m travelling to that includes songs sang about where I’m going. If you haven’t already listened to my previous playlists you can do so at the following links:

PFH London mix tape playlist

PFH New York City mix tape playlist

PFH Hawaiian mix tape playlist

PFH California road trip mix tape

This time however it’s Michael, my partner, who has put together one of the very best Rio themed playlists you will ever hear. Michael has been obsessed with Brazil for as long as I’ve known him and has been listening to Brazilian music such as Bossa Nova and MPP (Música Popular Brasileira) for many, many years, so he very kindly curated his massive playlist to create one for you that features 36 of his favourite Brazilian songs that perfectly express that world-famous Carioca spirit which you can listen to on Google Play here and on Spotify here.


If you don’t have access to either of these I’ve listed them down below:

Bat Macumba, Os Mutantes

Juca, Chico Buarque

Tim Dom Dom, Jorge Ben

Ferro Na Boneca, Novos Baianos

Você Não Entende Nada, Gal Costa

Preta Pretinha, Novos Baianos

Bicho Do Mato, Jorge Ben

A Minha Menina, The Bees

The Answer, Marcos Valle

Take me to (Aruanda), Astrud Gilberto

Ela E’ Carioca, Tom Jobin

The Girl From Ipanema, Frank Sinatra with Antonio Carlos

Cantiga da Vida (ft. Caterina Valante), Luiz Bonfa

Brazil (AKA Aquarela do Brasil), Antonio Carlos Jobim

Baby, Gal Costa

Whistle Samba, Maria Toledo

Aquele Abraco, Gilberto Gil

Que Pena, Gal Costa

So Nice (Summer Samba), Marcos Valle

Brasil Pandeiro, Novos Baianos

Não Identificado, Gal Costa

Desafinado Joao Gilberto

Crickets Sing For Anamaria, Marcos Valle

Berimbau, Astrud Gilberto

Alegria, Alegria, Caetano Veloso

Lost In The Paradise, Gal Costa

Chup, Chup, I Got Away, Marcos Valle

Fly Me To The Moon, Astrud Gilberto

Mais Que Nada, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66

Life on Mars?, Seu Jorge

Never My Love, Astrud Gilberto

Agua De Beber , Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66

A Certain Sadness, Astrud Gilberto

Rainha do Mar, Gilberto Gil

Cidade Maravilhosa, Joyce Moreno

Evaporar, Little Joy


Aloha, Gabriella

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