PFH’s 10 Best Instagram spots in L.A. part 2

April 18, 2019

Back by popular demand! Here is part 2 to my first Instagram guide for Los Angeles, PFH’s 10 Best Instagram spots in L.A.

Here are another ten places to get killer shotS for Instagram in and around L.A.

1. Angels Point

Elysian Park is home to three amazing locations to shoot, all of which I wouldn’t have known about had it not been for Kim from Dear Darling Kim, so thanks girl!

The first is Angels Point which offers an unobstructed view of the city skyline. Park on the road and walk down to where you see a funky red and yellow art installation and from there you will see downtown L.A.

2. Elysian Park palm trees

Continue up the hill from Angels Point until you see a stretch of road lined by palm trees on both sides of the road. I used to think Beverly Hills had the best palm tree lined roads (see PFH’s 10 Best Instagram spots in L.A.) but after seeing the ones on Angels Point Rd, it’s clear that this is the ultimate road to take photos with palm trees that reach up to the stars. Park up on the side of the road to get your shot. It’s much, much quieter here for taking photos than say, Beverly Hills, but do be mindful of cars. We were there fairly early on a weekday in March and we were the only people shooting, I would advise going first thing in summer though.

3. Secret Swing

The last gem in Elysian Park is the “secret swing”. It’s basically a ratty old tree swing that offers views of L.A. from behind the hills. It’s a popular swing so be prepared for a wait. We arrived late morning and were the second group of people up there when we started, but by the end we had another two groups waiting in line to shoot. The best thing about this swing is so long as there’s daylight it doesn’t matter when you go because once you’re on the swing you’ll get your shot.

4. Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is such a fun place to snap because thanks to its many curves and edges it serves up a multitude of options for perspective. To see where we got ours, scroll down to beneath the Instagram posts where I’ve pointed it out on Google Maps.

PFH Top Tip: try to go before it gets too warm outside because the metal of the building will become too hot to touch.

To get to where both of the photos above have been taken take a look at the Google Maps screen shot below. You’ll see the main entrance and front steps are in the top right of the image, facing those you need to walk to the left of the building, keeping it to your right hand side. Stop about half way and a staircase will appear, take those stairs up (there is a box around the stairs highlighting them on the screen shot), the stairs lead to nothing but a small platform, a bin and a locked door but the building itself serves up some good angles for photos.


5. Grand Central Market

Get your photo against the neon wall, sure, but don’t come here just for that! The culinary options at Grand Central Market requires an empty stomach. With such a diverse choice it’s hard not to be pleased. Is it a super special food market, probably not, but what’s not to love about having so many options, made so well, under one roof.

The neon wall is located at the entrance to the market, on the left hand side. What’s neat about it is that it isn’t just another Instagrammable wall or a fun advert for whiskey. No, it’s actually a fundraiser! The neon artwork has been sponsored by Bulleit Whiskey and is a fundraiser for the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale, CA. Every time someone posts a photo of this wall to social media, and tags it with #FrontierWorks, Bulleit Whiskey will make a donation to the museum for neon restoration! So get snapping and tagging!

6. Venice Sign

Probably one of the most photographed signs in the world, the Venice sign, hangs between the buildings of Winward Ave, and is best seen and snapped from the crossing where Windward Ave meets Pacific Ave. Taking photos here is risky business because it means walking out into the middle of a crossroad, posing and legging it back again all in the approximately 20 seconds you get before the cars start moving again. Oh and I forgot to mention that along with 6 other eager people desperate to get their photo for Instagram, it’s a six way crossing so people can walk diagonally out across the best place posing, so be prepared to walk out and pose on multiple red lights before getting a clear enough shot. Patience is key here, just have fun with it, and don’t be silly and hang out in the road when the lights change!

There will always be cars and pedestrians here so even if you’re the only one shooting (which has happened to me once before) you can’t be certain that you won’t get people walking in the shot.

7. Venice beach

There’s heaps of options for shooting on Venice beach, there’s the sea, lifeguard stations, art installations, the boardwalk, muscle beach, you’ll find the odd painted wall too! Sunset is a particularly wonderful time to shoot because you get golden hour and then you can sit with a drink and watch the sun go down over the water.

8. Santa Monica Pier

What’s better than taking great photos for Instagram? Taking great photos somewhere where you can have heaps of fun doing it! Santa Monica pier is home to Pacific Park, a theme park at the end of the pier which is bursting with colour, rides, food stalls and games. Split your day between Venice and Santa Monica. They’re walking distance from each other. You start in Santa Monica making the most of the rides in Pacific Park, grab some food on the pier, rent a bike or scooter or simply walk along the boardwalk to Venice to shoot the sign and on the beach.

The photo below was taken on the Pacific Wheel.

9. Griffith Observatory

Rebel Without a Cause (1955), La La Land (2016), Jurassic Park (1993), The Terminator (1984) and Gangster Squad (2013) are amongst many films that have been shot at Griffith Observatory. So not only do you get to take a few pics for the gram, you also get to experience a little bit of film history and learn about space and time. Take a look here to see what future events are on at the observatory.

Visiting is complimentary but be warned, it gets very busy here and as it’s an old building with no air con, so it is stifling come summer. We actually went in one summer’s afternoon where it was packed with people, hard to park and so very hot yet still managed to get the photos below very easily but I suggest you arrive here early for easy parking and before the sun reaches the top of the sky so it’s more comfortable for you.

10. Mel’s Drive-in

What’s more classic than grabbing a burger and shake at a diner in the USA? Or so every teen-drama has ever led me to believe… Mel’s Drive-in has been visited by numerous bloggers and Instagram sensations, many of whose photos you’ll be able to see on the walls across their multiple locations. I’ve gone for breakfast in winter and dinner in summer and neither time has it been too busy to get a clear shot.

Happy snapping!

Aloha, Gabriella

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