PFH 5 favourites: May

May 19, 2021

Each of my PFH favourites are chosen to inspire you to do more on & for the planet whilst caring for yourself and others.

Whilst I’m still grounded in the UK and can’t share fresh travel content from around the world I’ve decided to start a new blog post feature where once a month I will round up and share with you a few things I’m loving that you can use on or between your travels. 

It’s a space on PFH where I can share fellow creatives, eco-conscious tips and products, podcasts, books, what I’ve been watching on TV, routines that I’ve benefited from, restaurant recommendations and so much more. I’m really excited about sharing these favourites with you. 

1. LUSH’s Bring It Back Packaging Recycling Scheme

Save extra waste, save the planet and save extra waste?! Whaaat!

When you return any of LUSH’s plastic packaging to store you will receive 50p per piece to spend in store that day.


LUSH will send your recycled packaging that has already been made with recycled plastic back into their closed loop recycling programme and you get the opportunity to save money on your next product which you can also return once you’ve finished.

It’s really wonderful and I’m over the moon about it. Now you can earn money back and repurpose packaging from the low-waste toiletries you pack on your travels. 

Whilst I’m talking about LUSH they have an amazing new bath bomb called #TBH365 which is in collaboration with The Black Curriculum and 100% (minus VAT) of the proceeds go towards supporting Black history being taught in school all year around!

Their ‘return 5 black pots for a free fresh face mask’ still applies but cannot be used in conjunction with the 50p credit so if you have black pots to return I would recommend getting the face mask because it’s a better deal.

Check your local LUSH store to see if it participates in their Bring It Back Packaging Recycling Scheme.

2. Circolo Popolare Italian restaurant

Circolo Popolare is an Italian restaurant located just a 4 minute walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station in London.

This one is specific to London so I do apologise to everyone who doesn’t have access to London right now but one day when you can, I hope that you add this restaurant to your list of things to do in London. In saying that, Circolo Popolare is part of the Big Mamma group who have restaurants in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Madrid so if you visit France or Spain you can eat with them there.

PostcardsfromHawaiiPFH5favouriteshowtosewhairscrunchiescircolopopolarethespinjunkiejournalpromptsrecycleplasticLUSH 3

I first came across Circolo Poplare on Instagram and thought WOW it’s gorgeous! As you may know from your own experiences, I was a little hesitant about booking because not all Instagrammable restaurants in London can be trusted to have good food or service. Unfortunately many places focus more on bringing in customers based on how they look and the quality of food falls to the wayside. I took a chance though and it did not disappoint. 

I enjoyed the food, service and decor so much that I booked it again for a friend’s birthday – who had been to one of their Paris restaurants and only had good things to say about the food – and I am returning again. 

Circolo Popolare’s menu changes monthly but a firm favourite is their cacio e pepe wheel for two people and I could not recommend it more for its pizzazz and heavenly taste.

I have heard from friends that it’s getting harder to book into Circolo Popolare but they do keep tables for walk-ins so don’t give up hope if you can’t book a table.

3. The Spin Junkie YouTube channel 

Former Soul Cycle instructor and personal trainer to A-list celebrities and Gold Medal Olympians, Holly Miller’s YouTube channel, The Spin Junkie, deserves all the credit for getting my body moving through our third lockdown in the UK which lasted 5 months. During that time we could only exercise outdoors once a day and as it was winter the motivation to go outside was little to non-existent. 

When I found The Spin Junkie and purchased a spin bike my mornings had a whole new purpose, I really enjoyed getting up, moving my body and taking the moment that Holly gives us at the end of every one of her classes to inspire confidence and positivity both on and off the bike. Plus she has great playlists and themed classes which cover so many genres of music.

Despite gyms and fitness centres reopening, I still very much enjoy getting on my spin bike to workout with The Spin Junkie. 

Check out her Earth Day fundraiser ride below.

Don’t worry if you’re new to spin, she has classes for beginners too. 

Her message of encouragement to love and care for your body more than just for how it looks is inspiring and a message we all need to hear.

Back in the glory days of travel (pre-pandemic) I used to listen to workout playlists to spin to in gyms but now I look forward to being able to pop on one of The Spin Junkie’s ride videos and go. Of course, there’s no pressure to workout on your travels but if you do feel inspired to get your body moving then I think this is a great way to incorporate free training into your routine.

The Spin Junkie doesn’t monetise her channel so you can ride without being interrupted by those pesky adverts telling you you’re “working out wrong” so thank you Holly for providing this complimentary service.

4. Roam & Thrive’s self care journal prompts

Alex, founder of Roam & Thrive, a travel and wellness blog for those looking to live a healthier life whilst travelling around the world, has shared 13 of her favourite journal prompts that help you to explore your mental wellness, focus your mind and release any anxiety you may be experiencing.

One of my favourites from her blog post is “What things do I try to avoid? How can I stop avoiding them?” as it really encourages you to face whatever could be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

PostcardsfromHawaiiPFH5favouriteshowtosewhairscrunchiescircolopopolarethespinjunkiejournalpromptsrecycleplasticLUSH 6

Roam & Thrive is currently living in Mexico and often shares content that will inspire you to book a trip there as soon as it’s possible. If you’re in the US and able to travel south of the border take a look at her super useful Mexico travel guides that include a list of yoga spots in Tulum and vegan restaurant recommendations in Playa del Carmen.

5. Sewing hair scrunchies 

One of my biggest regrets (not that I would have done anything else in the moment) was selling my sewing machine ready for our move to Canada which actually turned out to be mere weeks before a global lockdown. Between then and purchasing a sewing machine this month, those 14 months are the longest I’ve been without a sewing machine, I’m beyond happy to have one again. 

PostcardsfromHawaiiPFH5favouriteshowtosewhairscrunchiescircolopopolarethespinjunkiejournalpromptsrecycleplasticLUSH 7

One of the things I’ve been loving is sewing hair scrunchies. It’s so easy to make a hair scrunchie and if you’re interested I created a tutorial on how to make hair scrunchies which you can check out here. They’re such a cute way to tie back your hair (if it’s long enough) on your travels – especially to warmer climates – and they make great gifts.

Sewing hair scrunchies is so easy for anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine and you can make them from scraps of material or old items of clothing that you want to upcycle. 

PostcardsfromHawaiiPFH5favouriteshowtosewhairscrunchiescircolopopolarethespinjunkiejournalpromptsrecycleplasticLUSH 8

My step-by-step guide for how to sew a hair scrunchie comes with photos and GIFs so you can see exactly what to do but let me know in the comments below if you want me to make a YouTube tutorial for how to make hair scrunchies!

If you make a DIY scrunchie, tag me in a photo of it on Instagram @gabriellawisdom, I’d love to see it and share it!


What are you loving this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Do more on & for the planet, Gabriella

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