Relaxing spa day playlist

February 4, 2021

Relaxing spa day playlist

I created this playlist to accompany my guide to having a relaxing spa day at home to encourage you to practise that all important self during both a pandemic when things are a little heavier than usual but also as Valentine’s Day is around the corner and more than ever, we need to focus on self-love.

In How to have an Earth-conscious spa day at home with Coconut & Cotton I teamed up with Coconut & Cotton to share which of their plastic-free and earth-conscious skincare products you can use to have the most relaxing facial, massage, exfoliation and soak in the tub possible until spas are able to reopen. Whether you’re living with someone or not, there’s plenty of tips and products there that enable to you treat yourself to a well deserved pampering session, so please do give it a read if you are interested in low-waste skincare.

I wanted the opportunity to share this playlist on its own as I am pretty blown away by just how relaxing it actually is. I’ve listened to it in the bath, whilst writing, during my extra long Sunday self-care skincare routine and before bed and it takes me back to any spa treatment I have enjoyed on my travels and for a moment, with my eyes closed, I could be anywhere else in the world.

PostcardsfromHawaiiRelaxingat homespadaySpotifyplaylist

I’ve pulled tracks together that include waves gently crashing upon the shore, whale songs, sounds of nature, Chinese pan flutes, Polynesian melodies, African sound therapy, Tibetan singing bowl, and some ambient sounds for mediation and really zoning out from everyday life.

This is the 9th PFH playlist, if you haven’t already listened to my previously published playlists, click the links below:

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Click the link below to listen to your perfect relaxing at-home spa day playlist via Spotify and if you don’t have a Spotify account, I’ve written out the track listing below.

Track listing

Lost in the Clouds – Zen Gaya

Absolute Calm – One Day in Lyon

Pan Flute – Traditional Chinese Music

Aloha from Hawaiian Lagoon – Healing Ocean Waves Zone

Colibri – Hoshinoto

Nature Meditation – Spa Music and Meditation Collective

Mindfulness – One Day in Lyon

Spa Ambient Music – Spa Music and Meditation Collective

Silent Wave – Deuter

Mindful Meditation – Nadi

Sea of Tranquility – One Day in Lyon

Calming Sounds of Water – Healing Ocean Waves Zone

E O Mai – Keali’i Reichel

Hoalani – Josh Tatofi

Music for Spa Treatments – Wellness Spa Oasis

Spa Ambient Stress Release – Spa Music and Meditation Collective

Surfing the Clouds – Deuter

The Coconut That You Gave Me – Dan Gibson’s Solitude

Deeply Relaxing Escape – Healing Ocean Waves Zone

Hoponopono – Spa Music and Meditation Collective

Relaxing Whale Songs – Whale Song

Irregular Sea Waves – Waterfall Sounds

Oasis – Relaxing Tibetan Singing Bowls

Total Mindfulness Meditation – Healing Ocean Waves Zone

Three Buddhas – Xumantra

Breathe In, Breathe Out – Umpirage and Moenetty

Alone With Myself – One Day in Lyon

Molitva za vodu – African Sound Therapy Masters

Background Music for Spa – Wellness Spa Oasis

Generosity – Dhyana Dan and Red Neptune

Deep Meditation Thai Massage – Spa Music and Meditation Collective

Gratitude – Intrinsic Flow and Umpirage

Astral Wonder – Moon Oceans

Dreams in Spa Paradise – Healing Ocean Waves Zone

Sleeping Trees – John Ocean

Deep Thoughts – Danny Shamoun

Rhythmic Meditation Wind Chimes – Nature Sounds

Taos Summer Nights – Robert Mirabal

Healing Through The Touch – Wellness Spa Oasis

Lakota Love Song – Robert Tree Cody

Body Healing Music – Aboriginal Native Music

Romantic Music – Traditional Chinese Music

Moji korijeni u Africi – African Sound Therapy Masters

Time to Travel – Five Senses Mediation Sanctuary

Quiet Time – Dan Gibson’s Solitudes

Calm and Relaxing (Mind and Body) – Wellness Spa Oasis

Sleep Music – Traditional Chinese Music


I hope this playlist helps you to find calm and relaxes you when you need it most.


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