My most comfortable and practical travel outfit

October 31, 2018

My most comfortable and practical travel outfit

Let’s face it no one really has a great time on their flight, unless you are making it rain all over your first class cabin. Seats at the back are cramped, basic and nine times out of ten the button that makes your seat go back won’t be working. So make that #travellife easier on yourself and dress in these comfortable and still very practical clothes.

What’s great about this outfit is that apart from the bra it’s totally gender neutral and anyone can wear this.




How many of you ladies know the pain of your underwire digging in to your sides or the hooks rubbing against your back? It’s not ideal in any circumstance but definitely not if you’re sitting down for hours on end trying to get in as much sleep as possible surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

My solution? A bralette! Bralettes are a Godsend for comfortable support. Now don’t be fooled these are definitely not a long term solution for a life of painful bras, they will not provide you with enough to support to stop the girls from drooping later in life. They will however be perfect to preventing sagging whilst staying soft and “dig” free on your travels.

My one is an oldie from H&M, it is just a soft cup pull on bra that I picked up on sale, but I’ve found these which are pretty damn close.

Ideally you want one that is soft, doesn’t have a lot of structure and has no fastening.


I wear two pairs of socks when I’m flying, a pair of ankle socks and a thicker pair usually hiking or thermal.

I keep my ankle socks on all the time under my shoes and they will preferably be black because they won’t get too dirty if I have to take my shoes off in security.

My second pair of socks is to keep my feet warm on the plane which is always cold. I’ll always throw in a pair of either hiking or thermal socks in my carry on so that I can whip them on as I’m settling into my seat.

The pairs I rotate between are from Mountain Warehouse or one of these cute pairs from Amazon which I purchased recently for my trip to Ireland which you can read about here.

Compression socks are another alternative.




If the destination you are leaving from or arriving to is warm then you will want the option to keep cool. A low neck is ideal so it doesn’t show up under your hoody (see below) and loose is best because it won’t feel restrictive when you inevitably bloat during your flight.


Once you realise how practical a hoody is for long haul travel you will soon forget about any social stigma this garment bears.

Hoodies are perfect for travel for three reasons:

  1. The cabin is always cold so they will keep you warm. Get a pullover one and you don’t have to worry about zips digging into you or breaking.

  2. The hood is the perfect for shielding bed head, concealing your headphones, pulling over your eyes for extra privacy when you sleep and it will keep your head warm.

  3. Get one with a pouch at the front so you can keep your phone in it for easy access without it falling down between the seats. It’s great for stashing tissues and sweets too.


Mine is from Roots (I’m shocked it doesn’t have a beaver too) and has the biggest and best hood for keeping my headphones hidden.

Tracksuit Bottoms

Over the last few years I have been wearing tracksuit bottoms on my flights because they are the most socially acceptable way of wearing PJs out in public. I swear by trackies to travel in so much that Michael finally got a pair because they are just the most comfortable thing you can wear on your travels. They don’t have to look cheap and out of place though, try to avoid something that looks like you are heading to the gym and it will pass more an athleisure wear than “chav on tour”.

I prefer a pair that has the elasticated band at the bottom because I roll it up to make them look more like trousers in the airport, and roll them down on the plane so they tuck perfectly into my thick socks.

It’s entirely up to you how much you want to spend on a pair of trackies. Originally I started off with a pair from Forever 21 because they were cheap and cheerful but after constant use the knees stretched out of shape, so I invested in a pair from Tommy Hilfiger. Mine were from an outlet so I can’t link you to the exact pair but these are pretty close.



Trainers are your best option for two reasons:

They’re comfortable, though you won’t be walking around much on the plane, you will be on your feet in the airport and God forbid you need to leg it across the terminal should you be running late or the gate changes, it’s a good idea to have something practical on your feet!

Aside from boots they are likely to be your bulkiest shoes so it’s better packing wise to have them on your feet rather than taking up a bunch of space in your suitcase.

The shoes I’m wearing are Converse Dainty Low Top in White. They’re comfortable and look good with both jeans and dresses.



Not only does it make your beauty regime on the plane low maintenance but it’s also so much better for your skin.

To read more about looking after your skin on a flight check out 10 hand luggage items for staying fresh on a flight.


No outfit is complete without accessories right? I’m not talking statement earrings or headbands though, nope, these are the three accessories you need if sleep and comfort are top of your list:

  • Sleep Mask

  • Pillow

  • Headphones

To see exactly which ones I use take a look at What’s in my travel bag.



I wish you the most comfortable of travels!

Aloha, Gabriella

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