Where to buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, Canada

December 1, 2022

Whether you’re new to Vancouver or want to change up your holiday decor this list of 11 stores is your answer to where to buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, Canada. Let me help you decorate your Vancouver home for the holidays.

Christmas 2022 is the first year of my 30 on earth where I’ve been in the same home for more than one Christmases in a row (excluding my parent’s house). I’ve moved a lot! So you can bet this lover of all things Christmas scoured the city for months looking for the best Christmas decorations in Vancouver in order to make her home feel the most festive any of hers have ever felt. It’s probably this reason (or the fact that I can be found in festive attire for the months of November and December) that I’ve become somewhat of a go-to Christmas advisor amongst my peers and after being asked multiple times where to buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, I decided to put this blog post together for you.

In this blog post, where to buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, Canada, I will be breaking down 11 of the best stores in Vancouver for buying Christmas decorations and what each one is good for. I’m covering all kinds of holiday decorations from indoor to outdoor, bathroom to bedroom, big to small, classic to colour scheme, budget to luxury and I’m also helping you find winter décor if Christmas decorations aren’t really your “aesthetic” for the holidays. 

Let me share with you my ultimate list of where to buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, Canada:

Home Depot

Home Depot is the largest home improvement and hardware store in North America.


Best for: Christmas Trees

Home Depot is the place to go for Christmas trees in Vancouver, both real and reusable. They have a huge selection of all shapes, sizes, foliage and lighting. That being said they aren’t cheap so either wait for the Black Friday or New Year’s sales or if you’re really on a budget for Christmas trees take a look at IKEA.

Home Depot reusable (artificial) Christmas trees range from 18 inches all the way to 12 foot. There are slim ones for small spaces, bushy ones for those who want to make a statement, there’s flocked or plain, pre-lit with multiple settings, there’s potted, pre-decorated and even some with mixed foliage. 

We got our 7.5ft Christmas Tree from Home Depot. It has mixed foliage which helps it look more full and it has 8 different light settings including the option to choose multicoloured or warm white. Though I don’t particularly like multicoloured Christmas lights, I do like that I have the option should I change my theme in the future.


Home Depot does sell other Christmas decorations but they are one of the more expensive stores on this list of where to buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, Canada, so I don’t want to encourage shopping from them here when you could save money elsewhere. 

Top Tip: If you’re shopping in Canada make sure you’re on the Canadian Home Depot website because often it will take you to the US one where the stock is different and the prices will appear cheaper.

Home Depot is also amazing for outdoor Christmas decorations. They’ve got everything from little, pre-lit candy canes for your lawn to giant inflatable Santas and snowmen.


The Christmas Store at Potters Garden Centre

The Christmas Store at Potters Garden Centre is the largest Christmas shop in all of Western Canada.

Postcards from Hawaii Travel Lifestyle blog 20 best things to do in Vancouver during the Christmas holidays Canada

Best for: Baubles and Christmas Tree decorations

Since 2004 Potters has been transforming 28,000 square foot of the garden centre into a winter wonderland. Shop from every colour of Christmas baubles your happy-holidays heart desires from classic red and green to rainbow. 

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree with a theme the Christmas Store at Potters is perfect for that. Potters has everything you can think of including food, sports, careers and animals. You could have a Firefighters tree, a ballerina tree, a tree full of birds or even an entire Coca Cola themed tree. Let your imagination run wild!

Postcards from Hawaii Travel Lifestyle blog 20 best things to do in Vancouver during the Christmas holidays Canada

The Christmas Store at Potters doesn’t just have Christmas tree decorations, they also have wreaths, garlands, figurines, trees (real and reusable), lights, kitchen accessories and more. I picked up these Santa Claus salt and pepper shakers from Potters and I’m obsessed with them.

Subscribe to Potters’ newsletter and get a 20% off voucher on priced items ending with 99¢.



Michaels is chain of craft stores across North America.


Best for: Christmas crafting

Whatever your crafting hobby is, Michaels has it. So this Christmas whether you’re baking Christmas cookies, knitting homemade gifts or making your own Christmas cards Michaels in Vancouver has the supplies you need.

Despite being a craft store Michaels also has décor for every holiday that North America takes it upon themselves to celebrate. For Christmas that includes wreaths, garlands, ornaments, candles, Christmas trees and so much more.

What I love most about the Christmas decorations in Michaels is that you can buy plain ones and personalise them yourself such as a Christmas wreath or garlands. It’s so much cheaper to do it that way, especially if you personalise them with homemade dried oranges or items from the dollar store. That’s what I did with our Christmas wreath for our front door. Every reusable wreath I saw was at least $40 so I bought a plain one from Michael’s and added the bow myself.


If you’re working with a particular Holiday mood or vibe Michaels is particularly good as they have different capsule collections of Christmas decorations. For example they have their Holiday Romance Décor collection whose colour scheme is blush pink, cream, mint green, gold and silver with textures of velvet, fur, glitter and beading – it’s a very luxurious and soft theme. On the other hand they have their North Pole Journey collection which is made up of bold primary colours, hot pink and lime green – its focus is on holiday characters and messages to Santa Claus. There’s also collections in-between that focus more on the classic Christmas aesthetic or a cosy winter. Whatever your theme, you’ll find inspiration in Michaels.

Michaels has regular offers such as one item for 20% or 40% off and for Black Friday they have up to 60% off. There’s almost always a buy-one-get-one-free offer on all Ashland décor, which covers most of their holiday décor.


Canadian Tire

There’s no easy way to explain what Canadian Tire is. It’s a Canadian store that sells hardware, automotive stuff, sports, leisure and housewares goods. You could fix up your car, get a new smoothie maker, furnish your patio, kit yourself for almost any sport, find all your storage solutions and get your Christmas decorations all in one visit.

Best for: Outdoor Christmas lights

Whether you’re the kind of person who wants the Christmas lights on their house to be seen from space (did you get my Deck the Halls reference?) or prefer to keep it simple with a few strings of icicle lights strung from the guttering, Canadian Tire is the best place to go in Vancouver for buying outdoor Christmas Lights. 

The inflatable characters at Canadian Tire range all the way from the classic Santa Claus to Santa riding a motorcycle. They also have The Grinch, Snoopy, Olaf and even the Minions.

Home Depot is also amazing for outdoor Christmas lights and inflatable lawn décor.


Dollarama is Canada’s chain dollar store.


Best for: budget Christmas décor and indoor Christmas lights

Dollarama isn’t just incredibly useful for those on a tight budget in Vancouver at Christmas but it’s also where you can find crazy good holiday décor gems like disco ball baubles and mini Christmas trees, festive scented candles and ribbons.

Dollarama is the best for indoor Christmas lights. Whether they’re for your tree, wrapping around a garland, popping inside a decorative bottle or creating a magical lit up snowy village display, Dolllarama has different colours, lengths, settings and shapes plus they sell battery or mains operated.

If you’re the crafty kind and on a budget Dollarama is perfect for you. Not only do they sell craft supplies for sewing, knitting, crochet, painting etc. They also sell items that allow you to use your imagination for example, my hanging icicles and snowflakes strung up in my living room (den) are packs of Christmas tree decorations from dollarama. I removed their strings attached for hanging them and instead used a fine thread to sew them onto a ribbon which I attached to the ceiling like bunting or a garland to make it look like snowflakes were falling. I already had the ribbon and I purchased the icicles and snowflakes for $1.75 for a pack of 8 and 10.


Dollarama is also one of the best stores to buy candles. Not all stores have the same stock so candle shopping at Dollarama is a commitment but if you’re open to it you can find the most amazing candles. I bought a couple of snowy pinecone candles from Dollarama for $4 whilst an almost identical one was being sold in Anthropologie for $24.

Dollarama isn’t just good for decorations this year, you can also get holiday themed kitchenware such as a gingerbread shaped silicone cake mould or you can get festive costume accessories like a jingle bell head band or Santa hat hair clips. It’s truly worth a browse down the Dollarama holiday aisles. 

Finally I want to note how amazing Christmas candy is in Dollarama. They have both branded and non-branded candies. They’re the ideal place to pick up cheap candy canes and festive shaped chocolates for advent calendars, stocking fillers or candy dishes.

The key to shopping Christmas decorations in Dollarama is to start early and go to different stores because they don’t all have the same thing.


The Cross Decor & Design

The Cross is a home décor store selling luxury furnishings and finishings to create a dreamy home of relaxation.

Best for: Luxury Christmas décor

If you’re looking for inspiration for how to turn your home into a luxuriously cosy winter wonderland for Christmas then take a stroll through The Cross in Yaletown, Vancouver. The Cross is what home décor dreams are made of if money was no object.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to afford anything in The Cross, a couple of pretty wine glasses, a boujee tea towel or a delicate Christmas bauble might be within budget but if you wish to avoid heart palpitations avoid the candles at all costs (pssst they’re cheaper in Indigo).

Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is a thrift store across Canada that raises money for the Salvation Army, an international Christian organisation that provides social services including shelter, rehabilitation and basic necessities.


Best for: Christmas entertaining

Much like Dollarama if you are on a tight budget for Christmas in Vancouver the Salvation Army Thrift Store should be your go-to. If you’re not particularly fussy about a theme or willing to browse for a while before you commit to the purchase, the Sally Army Thrift Store has second hand decorations at very reasonable prices and though you might not find something on the first visit you never know what has been donated for your next trip.

What the Salvation Army Thrift Store is particularly good for during the Holidays is buying in any kitchenware that you may need to get you through the holidays. Whether you’re looking for pretty candy dishes to add to your décor, entertaining friends throughout the season or hosting Christmas dinner and you’re in need of extra plates, an oven dish for the turkey or serving bowls then this is place to go. You’ll find unique items, save money and be donating to charity to help others in need. 

Before I moved to Canada I donated and passed down almost all of my kitchenware so I had to buy it all again when we arrived. When it came to doing that I got most of it from Salvation Army Thrift Store. We saved so much money and got some really unique pieces that we used all the time.

One last thing! Take a rummage through the book shelves for some second-hand Christmas novels and records for the chance of scoring a classic holiday album on vinyl. They’re not only functional but they also make for really charming Christmas decorations.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is also a top place of mine to find Christmas gifts that will again save money and help out others in need.



HomeSense is a chain of discount home furnishing stores in Canada. It’s very similar to HomeGoods in the US and TK Maxx in the UK, Australia and parts of Europe.


Best for: finishing touches

HomeSense is the perfect place to go in Vancouver for any festive finishing touches to complete you holiday décor around the house. From Christmas soap dispensers and hand towels to throw pillows and snuggly blankets HomeSense has all the little bits to make the whole home feel like a cosy home for the holidays. 

If you want anything Christmas or winter themed for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom HomeSense is the place to go. Plus what’s super amazing is the low, discounted prices!


PFH Top Tip: If you have just moved to Vancouver and people back home want to get you vouchers to help you furnish your home ask for HomeSense vouchers because they’ll cover HomeSense, Marshalls and Winners. We did this for our engagement party and have been getting all sorts for our home with the vouchers. Aside from Christmas decorations I also love HomeSense for adorable candles and photo frames.

As HomeSense is a discount store you can’t guarantee that each store will have the same stock so you may want to shop in a few different ones before committing to a purchase. I have found the one on Robson St and the Winners in Park Royal to be the best for choice in Vancouver.


La Maison Simons

Simons is a Canadian department store with a focus on fashion and accessories.

Best for: winter décor

Simons is one of my favourite stores in Canada and there’s one in Park Royal in North Vancouver. Aside from it being one of maybe three high street stores that actually keep up with current trends they also have super affordable and gorgeous homeware items. Most of our bathroom accessories and table settings have come from Simons.

What I love most about the holiday décor in Simons is that it isn’t focused on Christmas but more on winter which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas or for those who want festive winter decor without it screaming it’s Christmas!

I’m talking plaid/chequered table cloths, reindeer napkin rings, mugs with skiers and snowboarders on, tea towels printed with wooden cabins, throw pillows embroidered with penguins and Fair Isle bedding.

Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn is a Canadian dry bulk produce store that’s ideal for saving money and the planet from unnecessary packaging.


Best for: Christmas baking and Christmas candy

If you’re like me and love to decorate your home with themed candy dishes for the holidays and festive baked goods then Bulk Barn in Vancouver is the place to be. Whether you’re filling decorative bowls with festive candy or putting your yule logs or delicious Christmas fruit cake out on display, Bulk Barn has all the ingredients you need. 

If you’re baking Christmas cookies Bulk Barn has all the icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips and food colouring you need – including all the store cupboard ingredients. If you’re filling candy dishes then they have candy cane Hershey’s kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the shape of Holiday bells, there’s red and green M&Ms and snowmen marshmallows. If you’re baking a Christmas cake or mince pies Bulk Barn has the dried fruit and peel and if this all sounds too much and you don’t like being in the kitchen then you can keep it simple but exciting with one of their many holiday flavoured hot chocolate powders which include candy cane and s’mores.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a clothing store that caters for the whole family.

Best for: Christmas pyjamas

Okay so I know Christmas PJs aren’t technically a Christmas decoration but if you’re here reading this blog post I feel there’s a good chance you share my love for festive holiday jammies. Old Navy have some of the best I’ve seen and they frequently do crazy price drops like $5 for PJ bottoms. They’re also amazing for getting matching PJ sets for the whole family right from the youngest to the eldest.

Old Navy also has Christmas socks and festive sweaters that are worth checking out.

I hope you found this list of stores where you can buy Christmas decorations in Vancouver, Canada, useful! If you use this list to buy any of your holiday decorations then let me know what you got in the comments below, I’d love to hear it!

If you have any recommendations for stores in Vancouver to buy Christmas decorations I’d love for you to drop them in the comments to help others deck their halls this Christmas. Thank you!

Happy Holidays, Gabriella 

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