My ultimate pre-trip to do list

October 10, 2018

In just two days I’ll be departing for my next trip. With not much turn around between each one, I end up with a lengthy to do list with not a lot of time to get it all done. Each trip has a personalised to do list that expands and differs slightly from my basic list that I made for any trip I go on, for example, I usually have “book airport parking” because most of the time we drive to the airport because of how far away we live from it. For longer trips though we get a lift to the airport and therefore booking parking won’t be necessary so I will take that off.

My ultimate pre-trip to do list

☐ Make a trip itinerary
☐ Enter flight details into airline app
☐ Write packing list
☐ Download area on Google Maps for off-line use
☐ Transfer money to cash cards
☐ Wash and iron clothes

☐ Buy Visas
☐ Book flights
☐ Book hotels
☐ Book rental car or transfers
☐ Book activities, tours and excursions
☐ Order currency

☐ Online shopping for new trip outfits
☐ Return any online shopping packages
☐ Make alterations to new clothes
☐ Toiletry shop
☐ Snack shop
☐ Get some new makeup samples

Health & beauty
☐ Book personal training sessions
☐ Get Mani Pedi
☐ Get eyebrows shaped
☐ Haircut
☐ Pick up any necessary prescriptions

Days before
☐ Check into flight using app
☐ Make a playlist
☐ Fuel up the car
☐ Fill the windscreen wash
☐ Charge electricals
☐ Pack

Plan ahead
☐ Post birthday cards for the ones I am away for
☐ Throw/give away food that will go off in the time I’m away
☐ Arrange for someone to water the plants and check on the house

Final checklist
☐ Fill up water bottles
☐ Grab phone charger
☐ Get travel snacks out of the fridge
☐ Empty the bins
☐ Turn off all unnecessary plugs, especially wifi


I hope this comes in useful and maybe even encourages you to be a little bit more organised so you don’t miss something before you go on a trip.


For more pre-trip planning posts check out My ultimate packing list, which includes a downloadable PDF that you can edit to personalise for your trip.

Aloha, Gabriella

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