PFH 5 favourites: January 2022

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The 5 things I’m favouring into the new year and why. This month I’m talking about Pattern Beauty, Canadian made winter boots, divine pasta recipes and more.

Handmade Christmas gift guide 2021

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A gift guide for making homemade gift for the festive holidays so reduce waste and make something extra special and personalised for you loved ones.

PFH 5 favourites: November


The 5 things I’ve been loving November 2021 and why. This month I’m talking spa treatments and manicures in Norfolk, a new UK hard seltzer brand and plastic-shopping in London.

PFH 5 favourites: September

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My 5 top mystical and magical picks to help you do more on & for the planet. This month I’m focusing on the mystic and sharing resources for aligning with the Universe.

Relaxing spa day playlist


Let this be your ultimate relaxation playlist for spa days, self-care Sundays, meditation and easing into a deep sleep.